Call (206) 457 – 4068 from 4pm – 12am for daily availability
Please note we keep a time limit for each table
applicable during peak hours.
1-2 guests 90 min
3-5 guests 2 hrs
6+ over 2.5 hrs
Reservations made will automatically be cancelled if MOMIJI is not notified by phone of late arrivals or any issues regarding arrival time. Momiji is unable to accommodate online reservations made the same day after 3pm.
PLEASE USE THE WIDGET BELOW FOR GROUPS LARGER THAN 5 GUESTS. The host will call you to let you know that your reservation has been confirmed.

Momiji is a hand-crafted Japanese restaurant located on Twelfth Avenue in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, A perfect stop for dinner, happy hour and late-night bites. 

1522 12th Avenue

Seattle, WA


Kitchen: 4:00pm-12:30am